FAQ about Paving Cleaners

This is where frequently asked questions (FAQ) about professional Paving Cleaners are answered. We explain what methods we use to clean. We explain what makes us different.

What makes Paving Cleaners different from other service providers?
Answer: We are specializing in professional paving cleaning, it is not just a side or additional service. Paving cleaning is our primary service. We are conscious of not polluting our environment by disposing any components like paint in a secured way. Safety is one of our primary concern, so we make sure our workers wear and use safety clothing and goggles all times.

In which areas do you operate?

Answer: We are based in Gauteng, Roodepoort. We service all Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria.

What method of cleaning do you use?
Answer: We use high pressure cleaning, a method which is water efficient. Our jet sprays use little water to lift off grime on paving.

Does you use dangerous chemical in their cleaning?
Answer: Most of the time, we use very little cleaning agents, especially in areas full of oil and grime. Otherwise, just pressure cleaning is enough to clean off your paving.

Is Paving Cleaners fully BEE?
Answer: Yes. We are 100% BEE. We can supply you with our BEE Certificate on demand.

Before and After sealing

Before and After sealing