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Why a need for paving cleaning service?

In as much as every homeowner takes pride in their outdoors, paving cleaning is not a common subject. immaculate garden, wall fencing, and paving. Some use concrete, stones, marble, blocks, depending on individual taste. Over time, sadly, these get dirty and full of grime, thus become dull and not good looking. In some places, it is attacked by mold, which can be a health hazard. Much as we pay attention to our grass by keeping it well trimmed, our driveway should also be a priority, at least twice a year! Take it as what car owners do to their cars, giving it a valet. That is what you will be doing to your house, a “house valet.”

That’s where we come in. Paving Cleaners, an strong family business, will do it to your pleasure and delight. For us, paving cleaning is not just a job, but it’s a passion, like a makeover project! We take delight in transforming a sore looking driveway to a bright looker. From a dull looking driveway to a “Welcome home” smiling look, because clean paving is inviting! We pay attention to small details, leaving a clean bright driveway.

Paving cleaning can boost the value of your home. Recent studies have shown that houses with clean paving stand a better chance of being sold than those not cleaned. Some even claim it can increase the chances by 15%. So why not do your house a favor? Keep your driveway clean!

A cleaned staircase done along with paving cleaning.


Excellent job!

I was not sure if they can do it, but was pleasantly surprised. I strongly recommend them.

Delighted to work with them

Our paving has never been this cleaner. We love it and will use them in future. Thank you Uriel and your team!

Specialized High-Pressure Cleaning

Covid-19 Disinfection and Saniting Service

New Service Offer.

Disinfection and Sanitizing residential dwellings after the funeral.
We come and disinfect your entire house to ensure it is safe for the remaining family members. From the bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges right up to the kitchen

Disinfection and saniting
Disinfection and Sanitizing


– Over time mold, algae, dirt and grime build up on all outside surfaces. With our jetwash and high pressure cleaning equipment we can remove all the dirt leaving it all fresh and looking like new.

– Block paving will be covered with dry kiln sand and brushed in to refill all joints after this has been washed.

– Re-Sealing can be carried out to protect your surfaces and prolong its life and minimize maintenance, enhancing the colour of the surface also to help protect from stains and to slow down the growth of algae and moss. This is available in a matt or satin finish.

– Decking can get very slippery with the buildup of algae and dirt we can wash this away making it safer to walk on and bringing back the natural colour of the wood. This also can be retained, sealed or left natural.

– Natural stone cleaning and sealing


Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Shops and Factories, Sports centres, Tennis courts, Public buildings

First impressions count to your customers, at Paving & Wall Cleaners we know how important this is; whether it’s a freshen up or a full deep clean we can improve your reputation.

Listed below is a few areas of which we clean:

– Entrance steps and forecourts

– Car parks, walls, kerbs, walkways and shop fronts (including chewing gum removal)

– Children’s play areas, outside seating areas and smoking areas

– Rear of kitchens, bin and waste areas, hygiene cleaning and loading bays

– End of tenancy cleaning, builders end of works cleaning

– Cleaning of old to match new on extension work

– Out of hours cleaning

Excellent job!

I was not sure if they can do it, but was pleasantly surprised. I strongly recommend them.

Delighted to work with them

Our paving has never been this cleaner. We love it and will use them in future. Thank you Uriel and your team!

About Paving Cleaners

Paving Cleaners was established in 2016 to specialize in driveway and wall cleaning services. Initially working closely with Estate Agents for their houses on sale, we have expanded our services to homeowners and office Parks at large. We take pride in our work, going an extra mile to exceed clients’ expectation.  We are part of a business expansion, Thoromo Investment, a fully BBBEE entity established in the services sector of the market. At the moment our service focus area is Johannesburg and Pretoria, hoping to expand nationally in the near future.

Our growing team is keeps busy with satisfying our growing customer base. Based in Roodepoort, we service from Home based Offices, Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Lodges, Office Parks, Residential &  Golf Estates. Our driveway cleaning service starts by analyzing the problem areas, treat stubborn spots like oil, weed, paint and finish off by cleaning paving. We treat all types of mold in paving and on walls. By the time we leave your premises, your driveway will be looking as new! Some homeowners waste thousands of rands by replacing their tile roofs thinking they are too old, when we can  pressure wash them back to their former beauty.

Another advantage of using high pressure driveway cleaning is water usage. Using your hose to clean your driveway can take lots of water. We use specialized machines, which pressurizes small amount of water and small jets to blast your grime. An hour’s work of our system uses less water. We are also cognizant of the use of cleaning chemicals on our process. We avoid harsh chemicals that can damage plants and corrode the bricks. Most of our cleaning agents are biodegradable, and whenever possible, we use less soap.


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